Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 November 2010

Hey Family!
It's the last day of November... already! Holy cow! This Saturday is my Monthday. 4 months. Crazy!
This week has been a good one.
I found out that in the bordering ward, the Felicita Ward, there is a Brother Weddle. Yes, that Brother Weddle. I hope there is some stake activity that I can go meet him at, and give him a U sign!
Thanksgiving was good, except that my companion and I were SICK all day. Our mission president's wife told us to stay inside all day. A sick day as a missionary is not as fun as a sick day as a human. We got to watch Church movies all day. That's it. We had to call our Thanksgiving dinner and tell them we couldn't come, but he said to come down anyway to pick up a plate. We went down, and they had two spots on their table for us (the rest of it was cleared, because they already ate). The dad, Brother Cottam, talked to us as we ate our dinner. He is a jazz trombonist! I hope he lets me play sometime.
Utah beat byu! WOO!!! Most of the people down here are upset for that... haha! Go UTES! Elder Child is a big Ute fan too, so we had a good day.
We were going to a dinner appt. the other day, and we were going about 60 on a lonely dark road. Suddenly there was a huge buck that jumped in the road. We swerved violently, missing the buck's head by about 1/2 an inch. In doing so, we almost swerved off the road into a medium-steep drop. That was scary!!! But, we're alive. Whew
Yesterday we went to a Chinese place with Brother Boroughs and Brother Smith. I got some orange chicken, and it had what looked like a radish or something on it. I decided to eat it, and see what it tasted like. The next 20 minutes were spent extinguishing the inferno in my mouth caused from an intense extra-spice cayenne pepper. That ruined my lunch!
Our investigators are doing well. The biggest update is that Barry committed to (missionary lingo, I know) a baptismal date! he is scheduled for Dec 18. He seems excited for it. He has a lot of questions about the Priesthood that we're trying to answer, that we really can't answer. Such as, why is the Aaronic Priesthood not named after Moses, and why are the apostles called disciples, when everyone else is called disciples too. The simple answers we gave him just confused him, so that made it pretty frustrating! We'll have to continue to study up on everything Priesthood.
Billy and Jamie are doing well also. Billy has a new girlfriend, named Sherry. She is a recovering alcoholic, and super nice. She is a Lutheran, but loves to study about other faiths, especially our church. Billy is trying to get her to listen to us.
Jamie had her baby right before I got here, so it's been hard to get a hold of her, but she is doing very well.
Christmas season is coming up! The decorations are already up here in CA, as I'm sure there are where you all live.
I hope to hear from you all! I haven't gotten letters in two weeks, so you better write! The emails are very appreciated, so those of you who have been writing, thank you.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. I love you all
Elder Jon La Follette

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