Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Moving out..

My first blog post!  So I just moved to Salt Lake about a week ago, into the dorms at the University of Utah.  I'm a member of the Utah Marching Utes, and that is so fun!  I made it onto the 1st Trombone part, and was appointed a squad leader.  Y'all should come see a game if you can!  I am taking Calculus I, the Universe, Marching Band (obviously), US Economic History, and the Book of Mormon at Institute.  My math professor unbuttons his shirt about a third of the way down.  It's kind of weird, but not much I can do about it!  My Universe professor is Greek and has a really cool accent.  That's probably going to be my favorite class other than band.  My Economics class seems dreadfully boring after the first day.  To make it better, I sat by a few sophomores and juniors, who seemed to know a lot more about economics than I did.  I'm not used to being on that end, so I felt really self-conscious.  I am finally figuring out the shuttles and how I'm going to commute every day, but because of my schedule, I need to hurry a lot.  I felt like an idiot today because I had to sprint across the lawn from my math building to the shuttle that was stopping in front of the Music School, so I could make it in time, because my math class got out a few minutes late.  My roommates, Cody, Ben, and Thomas are pretty cool.  I'm the only LDS kid, and they swear a lot, but it's not a huge deal.  They're fun to hang out with and talk to.  So that's basically my experience of my first couple days at the U of U!  It should be a fun semester.  I'm excited to be moved out, and meet lots of interesting people!       

This is where the marching band rehearses!! Sorry it's sideways, this is my dorm!