Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23 November 2010

Hey family!
I guess you are all wondering,
I have been transferred to Escondido (some of you may have heard of it). We serve in the Escondido 1st ward, and San Pasqual ward. It's pretty sweet. The geography here is weird-- lots of bumps (they call them mountains), but not in a big line. They just are there randomly throughout the valley. If you look at a bowl of bubbly oatmeal, it looks like that.
My companion right now is Elder Child, from Magna, UT. He was pretty happy to find out I was a U fan. He wants to go there in about a year. This is his last transfer in the mission, he'll go home Dec 28 or 29. He reminds me a LOT of Brad Christopherson. Not the same look, but the same voice, mannerisms, and he LOVES cars and is a good mechanic and fix-it guy. He also makes a lot of "Christopherson jokes." It's been easy to get along with him.
There are some members in the ward we visit a lot to get supplies for whatever, to work on service projects, or to hang out on P-Day, named the Boroughs. In their living room, they have a pool table, a HUGE rock display with a black giraffe statue, a talking parrot in a big cage, a chess set, a weight machine, a bunch of comfy recliners, and a large swimming pool. Yes, indoors. For Tara, Camille, Joe, and whoever else, you know those houses we used to build on The Sims game that were too good to ever happen? That's the Boroughs house. They also have ten (10) pianos. To make it more interesting, Bro. Boroughs served a mission, wears garments, went to BYU, actively attends church and activities, but doesn't believe in God. He has a very interesting but fun personality. They are a fun family. They get offended and annoyed if we ever ask for permission to get or use anything. If we ask they'll say "of course you can, why are you asking?"
We have some pretty awesome investigators, and a recent convert that we teach. The RC is Christine, who is dating a guy that lives in Vista, also a member. She is around 50, but has a personality like Tara, just super happy, silly sometimes, and very fun to be around.
Our investigators are cool too. Billy is a former NFL receiver, played for NYG, and the Chargers, and is a "dry member." He is waiting for his parole to be over in February to get baptized. He is super solid and happy with the church.
We have Jamie, a lady with two kids (2 yrs old and 2 weeks old), who also has a fabulous testimony and actively attends everything. She is waiting for a probation exception from the First Presidency to get baptized. President Cook is working on that with Salt Lake.
We also have the Pinson family. Bro Pinson was excommunicated, but is working hard on coming back to church, and has a wonderful testimony. The first night I was here, we went to see him at work (he's never home), and he used his position at Nordstrom to trade one of my beat-up pairs of shoes for a brand new pair of really nice ones that were more expensive, but with no cost! Everyone helps missionaries in their own way. That is the way he likes to help. Sis. Pinson is a member, and their two children are 9, and are waiting for their dad to be baptized again so he can baptize them. They are so wonderful.
Our newest investigator, Barry, is a big black guy (I seem to be teaching a lot of those!) from Pacific Beach, CA. He just showed up to stake conference a week and a half ago, and wanted to be taught. He's been taught by missionaries before, and wants to try again. He is getting fellowshipped well, and I have no doubt he'll be baptized while I'm here in Escondido.
That's all of the people we've taught since I've been here.
What are everyone's plans for Turkey Day? I hope you all have a great one! We're just eating with some members in the ward. Remember to be grateful for blessings outside of Thanksgiving. We are really blessed.
I love you all so much! I hope you have a fabulous week, and for the Utahns, enjoy the snow!

Elder Jon La Follette

PS--- RIVALRY WEEK! GO UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone wear red on Saturday for me, and cheer extra loud. A lot of members here are BYU fans. A couple are U fans. I can't wait to give them a hard time when Utah trucks BYU. Go UTES!

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