Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2 November 2010

Hey family! I hope you all had a great week.
This week has been trying, especialyl because my back tire on my bike bent, so I can't ride my bike for a little while, probably for two more weeks, when it gets fixed at transfers.
We have a couple new investigators, one of them reminds me a LOT of Tara. Her name is Collette Graham, but she goes by Bishop. She has the same stature, haircut, hair color, face, mannerisms, open mind, and similar personality to Tara. It's weird! She also went air softing at the Marine base with her husband this weekend. She is awesome.
Last night we dropped by her house a little late for our appointment, and her husband, David, answered the door. He said they couldn't meet because he and Bishop were about to head to church. It was Monday night, so I knew it was another church. We were disappointed, until we asked which church. He talked about how his neighbors (members of the branch) had invited him to church tonight. Then we realized it was the singles FHE, which we were about to go to. We turned from sad to glad in one second! We go every week to the branch FHE, so it was fun to watch them get acquainted and have a good time.
This Thursday we had Elder Zwick of the Seventy come to our mission. I can't possibly summarize all that I learned when he was here, but I learned so much about how tobe a better missionary and human. He talked a lot about having a solid foundation on Christ. That is the only thing that is immovable (Hel 5:12). I had a great experience. I also got a picture with him and his wife. (He and his wife were U grads, so we enjoyed talking about the football season for a brief moment!)
On Wednesday, we had a lesson with Rod Hudson at the church, but my bike was broken, so we had to get a ride, or walk. We spent an hour calling for a ride in the morning (27 different people) but no one could come. Finally we got a ride for our investigator, but we had to walk. We also had planned on a member coming with us--Jesse, who is in a wheelchair. We walked to get Jesse, knowing we'd have to push him to Church. He was still in bed, and the only one home. But, he yelled out the window and told us one window was unlocked. So we hopped the wall, climbed through a bunch of garbage and furniture, pried open the window screen, and climbed in the window to get in his apartment. We felt like ninjas. We got him up and dressed, and ran over to the church.
Got a letter from Brett this week too, he is in Sweden. He is happy and doing well.
Well family, it's been a good week. Trying, but good. I love you all so much. I pray for you, and I hope you pray for me.
Talk to you next week
Elder La Follette

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