Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 December 2010

Hello everyone!
Today is Dec 7... Pearl Harbor Day.
It's been a good week here in Esco. Recently we've been working on Brother Borough's Mercedes, which has a big problem in the fuel line. I've been learning a lot about cars since I've been with Elder Child. Told you he was like Brad. We changed the fuel filter and some hoses. When we unscrewed the old filter, a bunch of gas sprayed out and got all over us, so we smelled pretty bad for about an hour or so until we showered. But when we were done, I got to drive his car for a little bit to his garage. It has a lot of juice! That was fun. I have realized how much money we wasted when we had to get a fuel filter replaced on my truck or some other car. The part is like $10, and I know how to put one in now. Yay
Last Friday I went on an exchange to San Marcos with our district leader, Elder Walters. He is from near Rexburg, ID. He is a very stereotypical Mormon missionary, it's funny. Went to BYU too. When we were there, we had a lesson with their investigator family, and had it in their storage unit, which may or may not have been their house. We taught them the Plan of Salvation, and they loved it. The next day, since they only are teaching that family, was spent tracting almost all day. We walked all across San Marcos, tracting and things. Towards the end of the exchange, we decided to turn back on the 45-min journey home, and crossed a train station to get there. We decided to instead take the train back to the apartment, which was very convenient. It is a lot like Trax, but Trax is nicer.
Yesterday we chopped wood for a member family, the Livingstons. Elder Child had the axe the whole time, and I did the sledge hammering on the axe. I didn't have gloves, so I have blisters all over my hands, but it was so fun! Later we came back and had dinner with them. They are a lot of fun, good friends with the missionaries, and their personalites are a LOT like Mike and Emily. Sister Livingston can't say La Follette, so she calls me "wallet."
When I first got here, I slept on a broken box spring bed frame thing that squeaked a lot. We finally got a new one yesterday from the APs. The past couple weeks we have been breaking down the old one and using it for fire wood in our fireplace. Good thing the APs didn't ask where the old one went!
This weekend a bunch of congregations from lots of churches are getting together to do a big reenactment of Bethlehem around Christ's birth. There was a meeting on Sunday at the Methodist church to discuss it all, and we were asked to go by some stake guy. It was really awkward. But some Methodist people realized that we couldn't have coffee at the event, so they timidly asked if hot water was okay. We assured them it was, and then added "hot chocolate is okay too!" They were floored at the idea. I am not really sure why. They were baffled that we couldn't have coffee and tea, but hot chocolate was okay, even though it had caffeine. They were shocked when they found out we could have soda too. That was so funny.
As for investigators, Barry is continuing to progress well. He agreed with and accepted the Word of Wisdom last night, and is listening to the Book of Mormon on CD in his car. He really enjoys it. So far his Bap Date for the 18th still looks good. He will probably get interviewed this Saturday.
Still awaiting further word from the First Presidency for Jamie's situation. Billy will be off parole in February, so he can get baptized then. I will likely still be around. We had a couple referrals from Salt Lake a couple days ago, so we may have new investigators by next week.
Mom said Utah and BSU are playing in the bowl game, that will be awesome! GO UTES!!!
Poor byu has to face UTEP in the chili pepper somewhere-in-the-middle-of-nowhere bowl.
Let me know how practice goes with the teams. Who's in the championship game?
Well it's good to hear from everyone, I hope you all continue to do well. I love you all and pray for you every day. Be happy
Have a great week
Elder La Follette
2 1/2 weeks until Christmas! I think

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