Tuesday, December 14, 2010

14 December 2010

Hey everyone!
Sorry about the short replies to your personal emails, we had a temple trip this morning so it squished the rest of our day. I appreciate them though!
This week has been another good one. It's been HOT though! It feels like late June or early August in Utah! It's been above 90 everyday this week. Blegh
This week in Escondido there was a house that belonged to a guy who made massive amounts of homemade explosives, with very dangerous chemicals. The police found out a couple weeks ago and arrested him, and this week they did a controlled exploding/burning of his house. It was pretty cool. Some people said it was national news, so you may or may not have heard about it.
Barry might get baptized on Saturday. He has been taught all the necessary lessons to be interviewed, and he will be interviewed tomorrow. If all goes well, I'll have a baptism to talk about next week!
Still no word from Salt Lake on Jamie's situation.
This morning we went to the temple again. We got special permission from President Cook to go WAY early with the Jahns because they work in the temple on Tuesday mornings. Missionaries only get one session when they go, but we got to get to the temple a 5am and do two sessions and 7 initiatories, and we got breakfast at the cafeteria. It was awesome!! They do a really neat job with Christmas lights at the San Diego temple, it's almost as cool as Temple Square. We got there when it was still dark, so the lights were really bright, and spotlights were still on the temple, and everything was surrounded by the morning marine fog. That was really neat! Sorry I forgot my camera.
Christmas is coming up soon! A lot of people are in the Christmas spirit down here, and I am sure they are wherever y'all live. Whenever you read or think about the Christmas story, remember to include the Christmas story on the American continent with the Nephites and Lamanites! Christ wasn't born there, but there were a lot of cool things that happened. Helaman 8-9 (I think) covers that, so I suggest you read that again when you're in a Christmas-y mood.
I appreciate the support, love, prayers, etc in my behalf. I feel very blessed to have the family I have. I pray for each one of you individually, and I hope you are all doing well. I'll miss y'all this Christmas, but there'll be more in the near future I'll be there for.
I love you all so much, I hope you all stay well. Keep writing! I've had a big lack of letters the past couple weeks!
Have a great week
Elder Jon

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