Tuesday, May 31, 2011

31 May 2011

Hey family!
I'm rushed right now, the computers are weird here at the library today so I could get kicked off at any moment. If I do, I'll talk about stuff next week.
We went to the temple this morning. It's always a great experience. It's neat driving down I-5 and suddenly the big white castle appears out of nowhere! It's really neat. On the way back we drove on the coastal highway so we got to see the ocean a lot. It's really big. We saw an aircraft carrier in the distance.
The other day we were riding on our bikes to check on a person. On the way there, Kurt [edit] drove by and stopped us to chat! He is a member, who is dating Christine [edit], one of my favorite people to teach in Escondido. That was really fun to talk to him. After we saw the person, we were riding our bikes really fast to get to dinner. On the way, we saw a girl getting out of her car, so Elder Gale and I stopped to "contact" her. We started talking, and we saw Elder Fackrell speeding behind us. He looked at her to say hi, then realized we had stopped. He slammed on his brakes to stop, but only his front brakes work, so he crashed really hard right in front of this girl. It was hilarious. Elder Gale and I couldn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes. Priceless.
Saturday night we went to a wedding. Normally we wouldn't go, but there was a recent convert there that requested we go. It was really interesting to go to one of those! I've been to some, but I don't remember them well. They had dinner there too so we had about 2 platefulls of ribs. Mmmm!
Elder Gale has a metal slurpy straw from 7-11 that we've converted into a blow gun. You can fit pushpins perfectly in them and make good darts. We've been having target practice during lunch on a corkboard. So far I've been the best aim!
West and Ceyda are doing well. Ceyda has to be on base for 14 days, so she won't be able to be taught or go to church, but we will teach West by himself. He didn't show up to church on Sunday so we'll have to find out why, since he was so excited to go. Everyone is doing very well. We picked up another investigator lady yesterday. She is a Christian that was fascinated by the fact that Christ came to the Americas. I will meet with her tomorrow night! I say I because I go on splits with priests or the ward mission leader every night. We've split the area but I don't have my own companion for a few more weeks so we split up all the time. it's weird using the words "I" and "my". You don't say that muhc as a missionary.
That's about all I have for this week. I love you all and hope you're doing well.
Have a good one
Elder La Follette

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