Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May 2011

Hello family!
It's been a good week. Last Tuesday I got my new companion, apartment, car, and area. He is Elder Matt Farley, grew up in Spring City, UT, lived in Alaska for 5 years, and then to GA for a few months. We got along really well. He got his visa really quick, and will be on his way to Brazil tomorrow morning. We are both sad. This also means I'll have to go back into a threesome for the rest of the transfer. President Cook said they requested another visa-waiter, but one wasn't able to come. Elder Farley has taught me some Portuguese! I can say it better than I can spell it though.
We have the nicest apartment in the mission, according to the assistants. We have lots of space, a great kitchen, a couch, and even our own washer/dryer. We are spoiled!
We didn't have a lot of success late last week so we counted the people that waved to us as we walked around town. In one day, we had 26 wave/smile combos, 3 nod/wave combos, 6 smiles, 95 waves, 10 nods, and 2 honks. We also had 1 nod/smile/wave combo.
We picked up an investigator couple last night, West and Ceyda (jay-duh). They are a young military couple that looks really promising.
On Sunday we were asked to do a fireside for the youth. We gave a 30-min presentation on missionary work, then they played a game called "stump the elders". All the youth brought inanimate objects in paper bags. Elder Farley and I (north side) and Elder Gale and Elder Fackrell (south side) competed to find scriptures that related to the random objects, such as a stuffed duck, a container of bubbles, a mascara thing, etc. It was really fun.
Towards the end of a relaly long day on Thursday, we walked by a shop, and a mid-aged Mexican lady called "elders! Elders!" She asked us to come to her home and give her mother a blessing. We went there, found out neither were LDS, but loved Mormons. We taught about the priesthood, gave her a blessing, and she immediately felt better. It was a good day!
That's all I have for this week. Sorry it is short. Have a great week!
Elder La Follette

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