Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pictures of MTC Day

Jon stepping off the porch and seeing his childhood home for the last time before it is sold. Jon and Camille wrote this in the concrete when they were very little.

Jonathan's father, Rodney
Deciding what to order!

Jonathan's sister, Camille

Cousin David
Jonathan's mother, Tammy

A very full Jon
A mother doing her duty- cleaning up Jon's spill! Jon is embarrassed.

On the way out of Missionary Mall for a couple last minute things, Jon and Tammy walked by this sign for a store, so they took a picture!

Unloading luggage

"Make your best cry faces! 1... 2... 3... Cheese!"

Elder LaFollette

A final farewell to his mother

"Well, see you in two years!" Jonathan crossing the street to the Missionary Training Center.


  1. I think we should start a poll about how much hair Jon will have left when he comes home. Holy cow, that pic of him bending over the menu really shows it! ;-)

  2. Jon, stop growing up! You're making your aunt cry!