Thursday, August 19, 2010

16 August 2010


here's the rest of the letter. Have Camille post it.

It's hard to really say what I'm learning, except that it's just... missionary stuff. Finding, loving, teaching, baptizing. That's about it. Lots of sitting. The camelack is the only thing keeping me awake sometimes.

Went to the temple again today. Went last week too. We go on P-Day morning at the MTC.

Another batch of elders left this morning, and the last 4 from their district leave tomorrow. Suddenly, we're the oldest district left. There are 3 districts to a zone here.

I leave the MTC a week from tomorrow. Tuesday the 24th. We report to the travel office @ 5am. We drive to the airport and then fly to San Diego, then drive up to the mission. It's coming so fast! I can't wait to get to real work. I just want to teach and baptize already.

(Addendum #1) Make sure Dad and Joe and M/Tara remember to write or email. I know how easy it is to forget so I don't blame any of them. Letters are nice though.

I need mailing address for M/Em, M/Tara, Joe, and Dad.

(Addendum #2)
Mom, forgot some things.

The other day, I met Elder Roark, who is going to Carlsbad Spanish speaking. He said my name right the first time and I was confused and asked how he knew. He is from a town 20 min. from LaFollette, TN. Cool, huh!

I've also been asked to play piano for priesthood and prelude music for sacrament meeting. Big surprise... ha ha.

I think that's all I forgot.

(Addendum #3)
Oh yeah!
I get a phone call before I get on the plane. I will let you know how many minutes I get. Depends on how many I buy. Probably half hour or so. It'll be like 6:30 or 7:00. Will be early. make sure you're up!

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