Monday, August 9, 2010

9 Aug 2010

Hi Family
Just send me goodies you know I like, I don't care what kind! Also, on Wednesday nights, our zone has "fiestas" where we all share and put some food in a big box and we all partake of the goodness.
I squirt bottle would be nice. My exercise clothes get wrinkly, and it gets hot sometimes. The air conditioning at the MTC isn't very good sometimes.
I am glad you're doing well. I am doing well here, and staying very busy! Of course there isn't a lot of down time so there isn't much time to think about home, which is good. It is weird sometimes to look out the window in class and see the mountains I've grown up around. The hardest part is during gym when we go outside and I can the area where my house is. But I am soon distracted by the joys of sand volleyball with the other elders and sisters.
The MTC is awesome. There is a LOT of work to do everyday. The schedule changes daily because the MTC has to accomodate so many missionaries. My district is better than I could have hoped for. They are Elders Turner (from WA), Buttars (from Logan), Bennett (from Syracuse UT), Johnson (from Holliday UT)--they are all going to Phoenix--, and Elders Hart (from Ogden), Owens (from San Antonio), and my companion, Elder Zarate from Ithica, NY (said Zuh ROT ay). The last three elders and myself are the Carlsbad missionaries. We also have four sisters, Sisters Ashby (from Springville), Thurston (from Burley ID, wherever that is), Decker (from West Jordan) and Lyman (from NC). We all get along very well and have a great time working together. Our two teachers are very different, but both amazing. One of our zone leaders reminds me exactly of Mayor Quimby in the way he sounds and acts, which is funny because his name is Elder Simpson.
The other day we were outside studying as a mission and a bird flew under the tree we were by and pooped on Elder Owens' journal. We had a great time laughing at that. We don't study outside much anymore!
My branch president lives on Osmond Lane, President Myers. Maybe you know him. Our church meeting yesterday was so awesome. We had priesthood in the morning, in which Elders Hart and Owens had to wing a short lesson on blessings because the branch presidency forgot to let them know in advance what the topic was. That's how the missionary talks work. Everyone in the branch prepares a short talk, and two are chosen to speak out of the congregation with no warning. The music is the best here. We aren't allowed to listen to music on CDs or anything so live is all we get. The departing district in our zone sang a musical number, Joseph Smith's First Prayer, with a gorgeous piano part. After two verses, the piano played the melody while one elder recited the account of the vision, then they proceeded with the last verse. If you pick up a hymnbook and read and imagine what it sounded like, maybe you'll get some of the overwhelming spirit we had in the meeting.
The fireside last night was decent, but not as powerful as church. But, there is no sound in the world like a beastly organ and 3,000 missionaries singing their guts out to Hope of Israel and We Will Bring the World His Truth. In the second hymn, the words were changed from "we will be the Lord's missionaries" to "we are now the Lord's missionaries." That was so, so, so powerful.
I've seen a lot of friends here from high school and college and other places. I've seen a lot of Ryan. We have eaten together, and talked in the halls. He came by with his companion last night to say goodbye, as he left this morning for New York. He will be a great missionary.
My new nickname after a night of loud snoring is "Hermano Oso", which is Brother Bear.
Let Kevin know my whole district is praying for him.
My time is running short, we have a timer for 30 min until the computer shuts off. Send mail, email and packages! I will write on Mondays, my P-Day.
Also, there is a pile of institute stuff on my desk, particularly a diagram of the plan of salvation. If you could send that to me, that would be wonderful. Also, send my other camera card. I want to send my other one home next week so I can show you my pictures.
If there is anything else to say, I'll send a letter, since I have about 4 minutes left to print and send everything.
I love you all dearly. Have a great week. The Gospel is True. Tell people to write, letters are not overrated.
Elder La Follette

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