Monday, August 23, 2010

23 August 2010

Hi Family!!!

Another week is suddenly gone, and tomorrow it is time to depart to the mission field. The MTC has gone by so fast, looking back. I've had two amazing teachers, Brothers Losee and Thacker. They are different in personality completely, but both have helped me and my district so much in learning how to effectively share the Gospel with others. My district has been amazing. We have been family to one another, since we are all away from our real families. I will send pictures home soon, so you can see what everything looks like!

I now know how missionaries are weird when they get home. The MTC is like being in seminary or institute all day, every day. You can't be doing that and not have a completely different mind set than what you've had the rest of your life. It's amazing, though. The Spirit is always so strong here in the MTC, and everyone has strong testimonies of the truth.

This week we had our final practice teaching appointments. Louise, who we were visiting for the second time, brought her husband this time, which was at first intimidating. The biggest reason was that we came to the door to knock, and realized we didn't remember at all what we had taught her the previous week, because we have so many people to teach and no where to write everything down yet. But, her husband said "Louise told me everything you talked to her about last week! It's amazing!" So we responded "Great!! What did she tell you?" Whew! We committed her and her husband to being baptized in that lesson. Of course, these are members being good actors as investigators, but they really help in knowing how to teach. I feel comfortable now walking into someone's home and getting to know them and talking about the Gospel. It's amazing how far I've come in three weeks, really.

We got a new set of missionaries this week, just like every week. But this time, our district was selected to help host the new missionaries, just like I was. I got to take 3 different missionaries around to get all their supplies, to their room, and to meet their district. One was from TN, one was from Boise (a big BSU fan, so we talked about football), and one went to Timpview High. My companion thinks I'm so popular because I've been seeing so many people from high school and college!

In our fireside last night, there was an especially beautiful musical number, a trio of piano, cello, and the best male voice I've ever heard, performing "I Know My Redeemer Lives" It was so amazing and reverent, that the main speaker asked to cancel the planned closing hymn so they could perform it again. It was amazing. This morning in the temple, the elder who sang was in the same temple session as me and my district. Very cool! I guess he's a celebrity now at the MTC.

That's about all for this week, I think. I will get up at 4am tomorrow to report to the travel desk, and travel to SLC, and call y'all, and fly out to San Diego! Thus begins the mission.

Thank you all for the updates. I am proud of Joe and Daniell! I wish I could be at the wedding!!!

I love you all dearly, and I will talk to you soon

Elder La Follette

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  1. Hey Jon! hope all is well! So I found out my bestfriend's ex-boyfriend, Elder Jordan Thomas, is in the spanish speaking mission in Carlsbad, he's probably been there since this spring; he used to go to the rival school of my high school.
    I like reading all your letters Jon, they definitely inspire me and help me decide more and more on a mission, so thank you very much!
    Anyways, enjoy So. Cal. and don't get too hot down there!