Tuesday, June 21, 2011

21 June 2011

Hello family!
It's been an okay week! I apologize for not replying very much last week. We had limited time (as I do right now too!).
By the way, Tara, there are some Hiatts in our ward. The dad is Sam Hiatt, Maren's older brother! I thought that was a cool connection.
Happy Father's Day to Dad and Mike and Joe and Mike and Grandpa!
Happy birthday Camille this Saturday
West went to church again this week. He is solid. Ceyda comes back from Pendleton tonight. We will meet with them tomorrow night to discuss a baptism date. Hopefully we can get it done before deployment the lsat week of July.
The other day we played basketball with West in the morning. (short version of story) There was another guy playing with him that he didn't know. Eventually we found out he was Ruben, a guy we talked to on the street a few weeks back. We had given him a pass-along card, and he seemed mildly interested. While playing basketball, he said that card saved his life. There was "so much unrighteousness" in his life that that card saved him that night, and he wants us to come by and teach more. We coulnd't get a hold of him yesterday, but we met his neighbors, who have recently lost their baby, and want us to come teach. It's neat how God leads us to people all over the place.
No other big things to talk about this week, since I have so little time!
I did get a small pool table at a ward potluck white elephant gift exchange!
Have a great week!
Love you all
Elder La Follette

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