Tuesday, June 14, 2011

14 June 2011

Hey family I am extremely short on time this week. Elder Gale is being transferred this week and we've got a BUSY day. I will have to reply to emails next week. I am very sorry.
I did see the pictures and got an idea of Tara's accident. I am so glad she's okay. That is awful. You're in my prayers Tara!
I will be staying in the north side of our ward, where I've been working. Elder Fackrell is my companion, and there will be two new missionaries coming in tonight on the other part of the ward, so we'll have to show them around.
Update-- West went to church this week (finally) and had a really great experience. Josh and Amanda Adkins-Setty took him (they're the ones that I skyped from). We have a lesson tonight with him. Everything else has been a little slow this week.
I love you all so much and I am sorry it was so short this week. I will be able to talk more next week.
Have a great week. Feel better Tara!

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