Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8 March 2011

Hey family,
It has been a long, unproductive, and trying week for the most part. But that happens.
The most fun part was Wednesday-Friday we were inside because I got the stomach flu. Woo... On Wednesday I felt okay until about 3:30, then I had to go to the bathroom. Next thing I knew I was in front of the Borough's fireplace for about 9 hours just trying to live. I barfed 16 times between Wednesday and Thursday. That was super exciting.
We only had 9 lessons this week. We usually get about 20. John was wacko for Saturday's lesson. We started to watch a general conference talk like we do a lot, but this time he just spent the first 2 minutes of the talk constantly making fun of the person who was giving the talk. He didn't stop talking, so we just turned it off and left. He didn't want to go to church either because he doesn't like testimony meeting. That's the only one he's been to, and that was clear back in January. He was a punk this week. We only had 1 investigator show up for church, Christine. She is doing super well. We taught her the word of wisdom yesterday. She drinks coffee a lot but was willing to give it up starting today. She has so much faith. We are still waiting for a reply from Salt Lake for Jamie. We didn't see Richard this week. We will probably get Shai interviewed this week and then her baptism will be next week. That's all the updates we have.
Today is temple day! Once every 3 months we get to go. We'll leave for La Jolla (city where the temple is) in about 10 minutes. We're very excited.
The weather is warming up again. Can't wait until it reaches 100+! Mike and Emily know how fun that is!
That's honestly all the updates I have for this week. It was a long boring week with about nothing exciting. Except yesterday we got yelled at by someone (like usual) saying "You're going to Hell!" This time I decided to reply "why?" He thought for a minute and then screamed "because you have 25 wives!" "Oh really! I didn't know that. Where are they?" He swore again then went away. That was fun to joke about for a while.
Well I gotta go now. I hope you all have a great week.
Love you all
Elder Jon La Follette

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