Tuesday, March 1, 2011

22 February 2011

Hey family!
I'm short on time so I will have to type quick
Billy was baptized on Saturday afternoon. It was awesome! It was my privilege to baptize him. He really felt the Spirit, as did everyone at the service. His knee came up the first time, so we had to do it again. The second time he went down he went under, and I couldn't lift him back up when I tried to! I redid my footing, and while using all the energy I had, finally lifted him out of the water! I almost slipped into the water myself but it worked out! He is a very dense person! Heavy for his size. It was awesome. While we were changing, he said "that hot feeling I had... was the the good comin' in, er the devil leavin??" That was funny
We got the letter we needed from Jamie's probation officer that is proof that she is doing well in her probation. That is exactly what we needed to send to the First Presidency. We got a hold of it, gave it to Bishop Marler, who faxed it immediately to President Cook, who relayed it to Salt Lake. We are awaiting word now. Jamie will be baptized soon after we get approval. Christine, her roommate, FINALLY accepted baptism, and wants to be baptized the same day as Jamie. Hopefully we'll have another couple baptisms soon!
August got clearance finally from Bishop Marler to baptize Shai, and set a date for March 19. I still will be here for sure by then, so if all goes well we'll have another baptism in March.
Many blessings this week!
Ruben decided he wasn't interested in the church anymore and didn't want to waste our time. He is no longer investigating. But I'm sure someday he will again.
We had two companion exchanges this past week. You can ask Joe what those are. They were both in the San Pasqual ward, where our DL Elder Walters is, which is my most recent old ward. It was neat to go there again and see everyone. The Jahns are leaving for Provo MTC tomorrow, and then will be in the Iowa Des Moines mission within a couple weeks. We exchanged contact info. They'll get back home a month after I do. I'm excited for them!
Last week on Tuesday night we went to the Christensens for dinner (one of our buddy families), and while they were cooking the fabulous steaks, Bro. Christensen played Wii golf right in front of us. That wasn't cool! It was tempting, but it was funny. We didn't give in, don't worry. The steaks were good, and EB and I got a large red velvet cake out of the dinner. Yum!
On my exchange yesterday, we helped the Kunze family with their yard in the morning. They live right across the street from the Jahns so we got to know them well (non-members). E. Hart and E. Walters had organized doing this service with another member family, keeping it small,but helping out a lot. When we showed up yesterday, the whole street was full of cars, and there were over 50 people helping in the yard from the ward. Of course someone provided donuts and lemonade, and there were 3 trucks. Good ol' Mormons! There were people from age 3 to age 75 there helping. We got a LOT done! We packed 32 large yard bags full of weeds and leaves and stuff. It was awesome!
Well that's about all for this week. I hope you are all doing very well. I'm sorry this was kinda short.
I love you all
Stay warm in Utah!
Elder Jon
PS....Go AZTECS!!!!!! (that is the hometown team so I can say that...tee hee)

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