Wednesday, March 16, 2011

15 March 2011

Hey family
It's 12:34:56 wahoo!
It's been a better week than last.
Going to the temple last week was awesome. It's always a good experience. I have some new pictures I'll send. Tuesday night we had a lesson with Christine [edit] and Kurt [edit] in Christine's car. We usually meet with them at the church every Tuesday which is a little ways from our area, but this time they were crunched for time so we had a lesson in the car. That was fun!!
Wednesday was John's birthday (49) so we had a lesson in the afternoon, and then we went to buy a cake for him. In the evening we brought Brother Smith with us to sing happy birthday to him. He was happy because no one else really did anything for his birthday.
John missed church this week because he drank and drank Saturday night again. This time he felt REALLY bad about it and wouldn't stop apologizing to us. We were nice, but he said 'no, this is unacceptable. This is unacceptable." That was good to see him humble for once and want to be better. It is a good step for him.
Thursday we spent the morning doing some service and I made an awesome cardboard version of Lehi's dream. I painted it black after, and soon we'll add color to it. We took our car to Pep Boys to get its brakes fixed, and we had to wait for about an hour before they could start working on it because Elder Denos (the car coordinator for the CCM) took forever to approve it, even though he sent us. Ha ha!
I also learned how to play "Come Thou, O King of Kings" on the piano. Now I can play it while Dad whistles! I'm getting a lot better at piano on my mission.
In our mission leadership meeting on Saturday, EB and I set up because it was actually held in our building (usually in Vista or C-Bad). We had some extra time so I started fiddling around on the piano. Pres Cook walked in and liked what he heard. He told the APs to take note that I can play piano well. Dang it! Now I'm stuck for a year and a half playing piano...
Sunday we ate with the U of U alumni in our ward, the Juliens. They are a really fun family. At one point Bro Julien said "Honey, they are Ute fans! These are our people!!" That was a fun dinner.
Still no word from Salt Lake for Jamie. Someone in Utah should go up there and ask the First Presidency to hurry!
Elder Bailey and I will likely be in Escondido another transfer (6 weeks). We've been asking Pres Cook to let us stay, and he said we will stay together again. Transfers are in a week, and we won't know until Sat if we're going, but it's likely we'll stay again. We are very happy about that.
That's about all the great stuff for this week. I hope you all have a great week. Love you all
Elder Jon La Follette

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