Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 February 2011

Hello everyone! Tomorrow's Groundhog Day! Hopefully winter stays around some more so it stays cool here!
On Wednesday August called us. He was going in to get a biopsy for a large bump on his neck. He had been really worried about it, had 2 doctors appointments, and had been told that it was probably cancer. We said lots of prayers for him. Not only is cancer not good, obviously, but he doesn't have enough money to pay for any surgery he'd need. When he called us he told us the doctor came in to check his neck before the biopsy. He felt his neck and said there was definitely a bump there. He left the room to get some paperwork, came back and felt his neck again. He couldn't find the bump anywhere. He checked up and down his neck, in and out, and the bump was gone. The doctor said August could go home, and no biopsy or surgery was needed. Tender mercies of the Lord.
On Thursday night, we were towards the end of our day, and went down a street (San Pasqual Valley Rd and Grand if Daniell knows where that is), and we saw what had to be thousands of cones, and about 30 police cars. We were on our way to the church, but when we were done, we took the same road back. It was still there. We got closer and some signs said it was a police DUI checkpoint. Every car was required to stop in one of the lanes set up by cones and you would pull up to a cop and give him your license and talk to him. Good thing I had my license! We pulled in the middle of all of it, and stopped by one of the cops and rolled down our window. He asked for my license, looked at us, and asked "have you had anything to drink tonight?" We said no, and he laughed, and said "Figured. I'm required to ask! Utah eh?" "How many Utah licenses have you had?" "You're the only one! I've had 2 from Arizona though." He asked us about our missions very briefly while we were waiting for the car in front of us. That was a fun experience though! I can now say I've been stopped to be checked for a DUI!
Our investigators are doing well, kinda an average week. We met with Jamie and read through D&C 76 with her. She loved it, especially because it was all new to her. She's a lot of fun to teach, because she has so much faith and a really strong testimony. We received great news after the lesson. Bro Maughan, the ward mission leader, got a hold of Jamie's new probation officer and the officer agreed to write a letter of recommendation for her to get baptized. It is exactly what we need to send to the First Presidency, and has been very difficult to get. We are so excited!
Billy finally got a job this week. He has been trying for over a year to get a job, but has been very difficult because of his prison record. But he got a job shining shoes at the local Toyota dealer. He's very excited.
John was up too late Saturday and missed church again, but hopefully he can come next week. He's still working on quitting smoking. I will bet it's gonna take longer than he expects to quit smoking, but we'll see.
Ruben is doing pretty well. I forgot if I told you about him or not. He's the brother of a church headquarters referral we got like a month ago (still haven't met the referral yet!). He's 15, and loves to learn. The first time we went over, we taught him how to pray, and when he prayed, the Spirit came in really strong. Recently we finished teaching him the Plan of Salvation. He's a really good kid. He's scheduled to be baptized March 5.
We picked up another new investigator yesterday. He was also a church HQ referral. His name is Richard Irizarry. He has been a religious man his whole life (45 yrs old), and has tried every religion you can think of, to try to find the true one. He's been Catholic, Protestant of every kind you can think of, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, and he didn't like any of them. He felt they were all wrong in different ways. He knows some Mormons around here, and is very impressed that they "practice what they preach when no one else does." He was impressed with our calmness for 19 yr old kids, and wants to know what it's all about. We read through the Book of Mormon Intro with him, and he is very very excited to read the book. We can't wait to teach him the Restoration. He is very ready for it.
There is a guy sitting next to me that is listening to music, and forgot where he was, and broke out singing really loud. That was really funny. Oh there he goes again!
That's really about it as far as the work goes this week.
Here's a thought for you:
Brother Borough has a lot of really good quotes in his book that he's come up with throughout his life as a scientist. One of them is "there is not one-trillionth part of the Universe where one could stand, using our most powerful telescope, and see the Earth." It's kind of confusing, so you can ask Dad. But basically it's saying the Universe is so huge, that you can pick any one-trillionth part of it, pull out our best telescope, but you are so far from the Earth, you won't see it.
Heavenly Father created everything. He has so many worlds, and children. Try to fathom that.
Now, go to Moses 7:28-31. This is Enoch and God talking, and looking at some people who are messing up in their lives. Enoch notices God is weeping for them. Enoch, knowing about all his endless creations, notices that God's heart is with these people, and is weeping because of their transgression. How sad do we have to be before we start crying? God has so many creations, but knows and loves every single one of them so very very much. Try to comprehend God's love for you, or the person next door. It's pretty neat to think about.
I hope you all have a wonderful week! Keep writing me letters, please! I've gotten one letter in the past month in the mail. You don't have to write them all the time, but they're appreciated! Camille, you're off the hook because you sent a package (that I still haven't gotten...)
I love you all!
Elder Jon La Follette

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