Wednesday, February 9, 2011

8 February 2011

Hey family!
I'm short on time so unfortunuately this will have to be quick.
It's been a lot better week.
Our investigators are doing pretty well. Nothing big to report, except that Billy hears about his parole TOMORROW (everything rests on that). Please pray for him.
John has also been pretty sick lately, and checked into the hospital early yesterday. He was there most of the day, and we went to visit him in the afternoon. (Palomar Pomerado Hospital for Daniell). He is doing okay and is annoyed with having to be there. He's funny. He is fine though.
We stopped by Patrick yesterday for a lesson, and he said he went to a Catholic church on Sunday and loved it. He said "hey guys, thanks for all, but I realized that's where I belong. I was born Catholic and I'll die Catholic." He may have been on one of his "down" days. We dropped him because he wasn't interested, but we'll stop by again. I'll let you know how that goes..
Last Wed we saw a guy on a really busy intersection that had stalled his car (Felicita and Center City). We parked the car really quick at a nearby CVS and ran out to help him. There was a HUGE truck that turned the corner and squealed tires but we got out of teh way in time. He had a stick and a dead battery, so we just needed to push him for a combustion start. It worked. He was grateful, but had to drive off. That was fun!
We had dinner with the Wanless family on Saturday. It was just a normal dinner until we found out that they are Kaytlyn and Mara Monsivais's aunt and uncle! That was weird! But very cool.
If you sent letters, I won't get them until tomorrow. Transfers are today (I'm staying here), so they've been holding mail at the office since Thurs. I'll reply next week!
There is a really really big hill by the Boroughs that we ride down when we're on bikes to get down to the main city. Yesterday we decided to not brake the whole time because it was boring, so we road down really fast. I leaned down to my handlebar for wind resistence. When we got to the bottom, there was a car that pulled up next to us and the driver rolled down his window and said "45!" It felt fast! That was so fun!
Well I am out of time. I am doing well and am happy and busy. I love you all. Have a great week
Elder Jon La Follette

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