Friday, January 28, 2011

25 January 2011

Hey family!
I'm going to write my "main letter" first so I make sure to say what I want to say!
It's been a good week. I guess most of them are good as a missionary.
First off John is progressing really well. We emphasized one lesson the importance of baptism, and made sure he knew he has to quit smoking before he is baptized. The next lesson he was in a strange mood. He sounded very sarcastic the whole lesson, it was kinda annoying. He was convinced he was already saved, and that baptism didn't really matter. He wanted to keep meeting with us, and would go through baptism, but he didn't really care. We were pretty frustrated when we left.
We went back again yesterday, and he was very different. He said he had prayed long and hard, and that he felt he should go through with this. He described having a very powerful experience. He was worried he wouldn't be able to prepare himself, saying that the Lord asks very hard things of him. We shared 2 Nephi 23:25 (I think that's it) and helped him realize that the Lord steps in after we do our best and put in effort. He is already in the process of quitting smoking, and is veyr excited for baptism, and especially excited at the idea that he can go in the temple after he's baptized. He's always loved looking at pictures of the Salt Lake Temple (he lived in St. George for a while), and we showed him pictures of the San Diego temple. He is more excited and motivated than I ever thought he would be. It is very exciting to see.
Billy isn't doing as hot. He's gotten in a lot of arguments and fights with his roommate. Both are big black guys with bigger egos. Sometimes it's funny to hear stories about their quests for domination. But Billy has been pretty upset, and we're doing what we can to help him out, and maybe to find another place to live. He's just not getting along. The HP group leader Bro Zierden is having separate appointments with Billy to help him sort that out (Bro Z used to be a police chief and the sort), and to help him gain a spiritual testimony, on top of what we're doing with him.
Zion hasn't showed really any interest in the lessons, and pays attention to about 10% of it. We will read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him, explaining every 3 verses or so, and summarizing the chapter in the most basic terms when we finish, and then summarize it again simpler, and then we will ask him what the chapter was about. He usually doesn't have a clue. We are going to try to teach him tomorow, but will probably end up dropping him.
Last night we had a FHE with August and Shai--I don't know if I talked about them or not. August is a LA member, baptized 6 years ago, and Shai is his 12yr old daughter, not a member. We have been teaching them, and August will baptize her when Bishop Marler gives the OK. We had a lesson last night in the Julien family's home. They are a fun family, and Bro & Sis Julien are U of U alumni, and big red Ute fans like me, so that is always fun. They also have a next door neighbor, non-member, who are U of U alumni, and not interested in the church. Funny how that works!
The rest of our investigators are doing okay, nothing really new to update though. We've been getting a couple new investigators, but I will tell you more about them later. Nothing huge yet.
On Sunday, we were asked by Bro. Cottam, the choir director, to help sing in the choir in sacrament meeting. We sang a cool arrangement of Our Savior's Love. It was pretty neat to do that. We actually had dinner with the Cottams that night as well, which is always fun. Bro Cottam is a jazz trombonist like me, so we talk jazz music whenever we are around each other. He is in a group full of LDS jazz musicians. Our stake president is the drummer. Bro Cottam also served his mission in France, so we talk a little bit in French. He's a very easy person for me to get along with. He looks like Dr. Fullmer, but with gray-white hair (Fullmer's getting there).
Last week we had interviews with President Cook at a nearby church building. That was the same building that Eric Weddle goes to church. Elder Bailey and I made sure to stand at the pulpit for a few seconds so we could say we stood where an All-American Ute and now Charger stood. Hopefully we have a stake activity sometime and I can go meet him!
I finally got to ride my bike again yesterday. I had a flat tire two weeks ago, and I repaired it last week, and we went down the hill and it popped. I patched it again, and it popped in a different place. One of the members bought me a new inner tube, and it finally works now! Now my knees and legs are sore, because biking in Escondido is like biking up or down Quail (by Timpview) all day long.
That's about all for this week. The transfer is almost over already, the mission goes by quick! 99% change neither I or Elder Bailey will be transferred though.
I hope you all have a great week! I appreciate your love and support, and your prayers. I pray for all of you as well.
Have a good one!
Elder Jon La Follette

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