Tuesday, September 21, 2010

21 September 2010

Hi family!

This week went by really fast.

Wednesday-Thursday I was on a companion exhange with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Morton, in the Del Mar area. Holy cow there are some rich people there. It is the richest ward in the church, and pays the most tithing. The people are also less humble and less receptive there. I got more doors slammed in my face there than the rest of the mission combined. Whew! It's funny though, seeing how childish some adults can be. They seem so afraid of two young guys in white shirts. I also talked to a lady in French while I was there, so that was cool. We taught a lesson at night at a park right next to the beach, so that was awesome!

As far as our investigators, we've had some disappointment. Becca (edit last name) suddenly stopped contacting us, and we found out she is moving back with her husband and doesn't want to talk to missionaries for a while. Very sad. She would have been baptized this week. Shakema has also been hard to get a hold of, cancelling appointmens too. It's frustrating, but we have to be patient. We haven't dropped her yet though. Charles is trying really hard to keep the word of wisdom, and so far doing well. He is down to 1 cigarette a day (used to be two packs a day), and is no longer drinking coffee. He has a lot of faith, and is excited to be baptized. He reminds me of Dad a little bit, in that he is in his late 40's ( I know Dad is older), and licks his beard when he thinks. It's really funny. Marvin (edit last name) will probably be married this week, and baptized the Oct 9 with Charlie.

We have two new investigators. One of them is Patrick, a Marine, who is friends with some people in the singles branch. He is so excited and soaks everything like a sponge. Carrie is the other, she is 14 and wants to be baptized soon. She is very smart and is fun to teach.
Well I have to go. It has been a great week, exhausting, and up and down emotionally. I have a good San Diego tan going on.

I will write more in a letter. Have a wonderful week

Elder La Follette

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