Tuesday, September 14, 2010

14 September 2010

Hi family!
Sorry I wasn't able to email last week. We had our quarterly temple day, so there was no time. We didn't even get to shop, so I had Ramen all week for every lunch. The SD temple is beautiful!
This week has been awesome! On Wedesday we had another companion exchange, which lasts 24 hours. Elder Hinds went with the DL, Elder Snyder, so I was left in charge of our area for a day with another greenie, Elder Woodward. That was interesting! I forgot a map, so it we had to cancel a couple of visits because I didn't know where they were, and we also couldn't drive, because I haven't been certified by the mission yet (lots of paperwork)
A few funny stories this week:

[edit content for privacy of individual]

When we were tracting the other day, we passed a house that looked like it was straight out of Willy Wonka. It was all green, but the shrubs in the front were cut in perfectly smooth balls, and there was a perfectly wavy hedge. I should have taken a picture. That was my favorite house so far.
When we were talking to one of our investigators, Ben [edit last name], his wife (who has a learning disorder, and is a member), would make really bizarre comments in the middle of one of our thoughts. For example, we were telling him about the Priesthood and what it was, and she came in with a "I've known sign language since I was 4!" It makes it interesting to talk to them! They are so fun though! She also sings REALLY REALLY loud in church. It's so fun!
Camille, you can use my computer. Be nice. And send more CDs. Just churchy stuff. I'm not picky.
We were going to have two baptisms this week, but both girls are being flaky, so we've had to postpone it for next week. So far, we have 3 baptisms scheduled for next week, with a possibility of one more. I don't have enough time to go into detail, so I'll probably just write.
My time is running out so I'll have to write by hand the rest of the letter.
How is everyone doing? I appreciate your emails and letters. I love you all very very much, and pray for you often.
Have a good week.
Elder La Follette

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