Sunday, September 19, 2010

14 September 2010

(via snail mail)

Hi family,
Here is the end of my letter this week.

I sent my camera card a couple weeks ago. I really, really hope it wasn't lost in the mail. I have like 100 pictures on that.

So two of our baptisms were postponed, because we can't get a hold of Becca and Shakeme keeps cancelling because of homework and friends. Devin just moved out of our mission into his mom's house. But he said he'd still like to talk with us when he's around.

We currently have 12 investigators, and several other people we are focused on. Needless to say, days are busy. We did a lot of tracting my first week, but not much recently. We've been blessed with a lot of referrals and investigators.

Sunday Night, we had dinner at the Colin's house. We have dinners w/ members every night except P-Day. But this time, it was just Sis. Colins and her mom, and we have to have an adult male there, so we were forced to eat outside. It was sad and awkward to tell them we had to eat outside, but being obedient to mission rules is more important.

Last night we had FHE with our singles ward again. We go every week because the branch president wants the missionaries to teach a lesson at the end, to whoever wants to stay. We had a long but very powerful discussion on the Restoration, particularly about prophets (general conference), and the First Vision. The Spirit is so awesome. There was a non-member there, and now he is pumped to hear the rest of the message from us. We meet tonight.

Someone also brought a huge box of old ties to get rid of. I picked out 4. It was like Missionary Christmas! I got a nice one, a very ugly one, a Santa tie, and one with otters on it.

Will, everything is going well. Some days are better than others, but it all goes fast. It's crazy to think I'm already over 5 weeks in, 6 on Wednesday.

I hope you get those pictures.
I also left my razor cord at the MTC. I wrote them, and they said they looked but couldn't find it. If all else fails, I could send my razor home and use it later. Or you (someone) could find me a cord!

Well I love you all very much. I pray for you and love to hear from you. Have a good week.

-Elder LaFollette

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