Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mission and the Month of May

I apologize that I haven't been consistently blogging about the events of my life. In all honesty though, not a lot has happened that is worth blogging about. I have a pretty simple life as it is right now.

First things first. I finished up my semester at the U about a month ago. I got an A on my final research paper in my academic writing class. That was quite rewarding for a large amount of work. Today, I found out I made the Dean's List because I had higher than a 3.5 GPA. Granted, I had only 5 classes: three of which were pep band, symphonic band, and racquetball. But, I also had a meteorology class and a writing class, and a 4-hour-per-day commute on top of that. With the easy classes, I am still very excited to have that accomplishment.

My little league team is doing quite well so far! We are 4-1 and tied for first place in the league. We beat the only remaining undefeated team in our last game 10-4. Our season is only halfway done, and then we go into post-season tournaments. The kids are a ton of fun to work with. I'm thinking of going into elementary education if sports writing doesn't work out for me. I love working with kids.

The mission paper process is now over. It took about two months to complete them at a leisurely pace. I had to fill out all the information anyone would ever know about me, figure out how health insurance would work around the world, schedule and make a doctor's appointment and 3 dentist appointments (one was just a teeth cleaning), and of course, two interviews with my bishop and stake president. The stake president interview was intimidating, just for the fact that he's the stake president! I'm so happy my papers have finally been submitted to the Church, and I am so excited to find out where I will live the next two years of my life!

Camille ran the Daybreak triathlon this past weekend. I was so proud of her! That is no small feat to complete that, and without training especially. Maybe I will do one of those someday. Maybe.

Tonight, I went bowling with a good friend. We both bowled awfully, but I had a wonderful time. The final score was 68-58. Good times.

Well, that is all for now. I will try to blog when something remotely exciting comes up!

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  1. Me, you, Heather, and Camille will all do the Daybreak Tri when you get back from your mission, ok?