Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rainstorms, Lost Kitties, and Little League

Yesterday we had a rainstorm that was unlike any other I remember in Utah before. Leaving the U campus, I saw some very-close-to-black clouds hanging over the highway I was about to drive on. Here we go... Out of no where, it went from zero precipitation to fairly heavy rain, and had to turn on my high wipers to be able to see where I was going on the onramp. Traffic came to a near halt. As I got to the highway, I could no longer see the road stripes, because they were drowning in a river of rainwater. The drops were so huge, it literally sounded like two dozen people were hurling rocks at my windshield over and over. Very fun stuff. Then when I got to the I-215/I-15 change, I went under the tunnel, where I discovered a foot-deep muddy puddle of water. Going 15 mph so I wouldn't hydroplane, I splashed through it and completely covered my Mom's car in mud. The car was clean within the next 15 seconds or so.
When I got home, I found that Mom and Tara were in a cat hunt, as Sweetie (Tara's cat) had escaped their sight. Searching high and low through the house, we could not find Sweetie anywhere! Tara and I went outside in the pouring rain to search for this poor cat, who hates the outdoors. For about twenty minutes or longer, I went up and down the street, completely soaking my clothes, looking for this cat. No luck. Eventually we gave up looking, hoping that when the rain stopped, we'd find Sweetie somewhere. Later at a friend's birthday dinner, my Mom texted me to tell me she'd been inside the whole time and finally cornered her in the bathroom. That was pretty frustrating, considering I'd frozen outside for nothing!

I also have the fun opportunity of being a Little League baseball coach with another friend. Our team is the Rockies, and we are just getting ready for the upcoming season. On Tuesday and today, we watched all the 3rd and 4th graders in the league and scouted their talent, and took notes on who was good at what, and so on. Today after scouting, we had our coaches meeting and our draft. My co-coach Tim and I felt very pleased with the team we'd drafted. Most of the attention of the other coaches had been spent on the 4th graders for the two scouting days. But, Tim focused completely on the 3rd graders and I split my attention,
because there were far fewer 4th graders than 3rd. The draft order of the 4th graders went almost exactly as I had ranked them, but the other coaches seemed rather clueless as to who had the best skills in the 3rd graders. One of the coaches picked my last choice as the fourth 3rd grader pick. We took advantage of all this and picked the players that we saw to have the best abilities. We're going to have an all-star team this year! Our first practice is this Saturday, and we have our pre-season starting in two weeks. I'm very excited! Also, I am nervous, because I really don't have any idea how to coach baseball. I only know how to play it. We'll see how it goes!

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