Monday, April 12, 2010

Clifford the Con and Wisdom Teeth

Upon returning home from school, I was told that Clifford (my dog) had been out walking and captured by the city dog catcher. The cop (badge and all) had seen Clifford out by Windsor Drive and for 15 minutes, tried to capture him (go Cliff!) with that pole with the hoop on the end. Finally, he caught Clifford and took him to jail (the cage in the back of his car) and drove to our house to return him. He then took Clifford by pole and hoop again to the door, and gave my mom a ticket. Why? My guess is that the city needs money, desperately, so they decide to go fine people whose dogs are walking around the neighborhood. I find it funny that my dog has gotten in trouble with the law and gone to jail before I have (not that I will..).
Also, I had my dentist appointment for my mission today. I was the center of attention at the dentist office once they found out the checkup was for my mission-- especially by a (I must say) very attractive girl, who looked my age, maybe a year younger. She was an intern there and it was her first day. She was chatting with me most of the time I was there, which was pretty neat. I would have asked for her number, etc if I wasn't leaving on my mission soon. The big story of the visit, though, was I found out I do in fact have wisdom teeth. 2 teeth on the top, so they will have to be removed, because there are no teeth on the bottom to bite on. Luckily, they just recently started developing so I can go on my mission the full two years before they become a problem.
Last day of classes at the U are two weeks from Wednesday! One final the following week, and then on to summer!


  1. Playlist for Clifford...
    "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog!"
    "He's in the jailhouse now."
    "How much is that doggie in the window?"
    "Run Like The Wind"

  2. You should have still asked for the girl's number! :-)

  3. oh jon. you are such a studly man :)