Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mission Call

I just realized I didn't announce my mission call.

I have been called to the California Carlsbad Mission. I will be speaking English and enter the MTC on August 4th.

There are two temples just outside of my mission- San Diego Temple, just to the south, and Newport Beach Temple, just to the north. The mission home is in Vista, about 20 minutes east of Carlsbad.

Here are some pictures of places in my mission. I am very excited!!


Laguna Beach

San Clemente

Miramar USMC base
More Carlsbad
Legoland is in Carlsbad

And some of the desert as well (Palm Desert)

Newport Beach Temple

San Diego Temple


  1. Can't wait to have you out here Jon! We may get sneaky and take you out a couple of times eh? And I didn't know your mission consisted of Palm Desert too, we go there every year for a pro tennis tournament and stay down there! This means you will be seeing a lot of us, whether you know it or not! ;-)

  2. Oh just kidding I misread Palm Desert. We're not quite that far north