Tuesday, March 13, 2012

13 March 2012

Hello family!
I hope you're all doing well
Things are going great here, as usual.
First things first, Anthony [edit] had a successful baptism interview and will be baptized this Saturday!  He's probably the most excited of anyone, which is saying a lot!  He's come a long, long way the past several months and is just loving the Church.  He's read up to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon.  He told us he has about 4 copies, one for home, one in his car, one in the bathroom, and one for his backpack.  He even bought his own used copy of the triple combo (didn't want us to give him one because he likes old things so he ordered one on his own).  He's started reading the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price as well.  The ward is really excited and we're hoping to have a big turnout.  Elder Rupp will baptize him.  Elder Rupp was a little upset because he had a slightly bizarre goal to go his whole mission without baptizing anyone.  He wants the investigators' fellowshippers do it, but Anthony asked him to, so there goes his goal!  I'll send pictures.  Well, eventually.  I think I still haven't sent pictures of Beth's baptism yet... sorry!
We finally got a hold of Jolie, Ralph, and Ro Sunday night and we're going to give them a tour of the church building tonight.  It's the first time we've met with them since our lesson a couple weeks ago.  A member family the Kehoes (with similar ages), will be there to accompany us.
We haven't been able to get a hold of Kevin [edit] in a couple weeks.  It's been a little frustrating, but we're obviously going to keep trying.  Often we will teach a solid Restoration lesson and do everything right, and then we don't see the person for a couple weeks, despite our efforts.  It happens very frequently.  That's what's happened to Jolie too.
I went on two more companion exchanges this week, but this time I stayed in our area and ran it.  Good thing I'm starting to know my way around, and have a GPS with me!  It's difficult to figure out the streets of CA without just memorizing it.
Elder Rupp has now told me about my snoring too.  He's had a cold come on, so he's lost a little bit of sleep and now can hear me snoring.  A few people have described it as chainsawing logs, or a frieght train, or a bear intruding on the room.  I think other missionaries are more entertained than bothered by it.  Either way, I hear about it frequently!
On Sunday in the YSA ward some stake member (not a YSA), perhaps on the high council, boldly threw down a talk on the Apostasy and Restoration, similar to Elder Holland, or Elder Hugh B Brown (in his younger days) and some others.  It was really cool.  There happened (for lack of a better word--that makes it sound like coincidence) to be 3 non-members that showed up to our ward who were searching local church in the area to find one they liked who were all listening intently.  We got to talk to all of them (they weren't together).  None wanted us to meet with them, but they will probably come back to our church again soon.
I can't think of much else to say.  I'll try not to talk about the weather anymore because I seem to almost every week.
Things are going good.  I hope you all have a great week
Elder La Follette

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