Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14 February 2012

Hello family!  I hope you all are having a good day!  Happy Valentine's Day
First things first, Bethanie's baptism went great on Saturday afternoon.  She had a lot of support and was well prepared.  Usually baptisms have 25-35 people attending and that is a good crowd.  We had to interrupt one of the talks to bring in lots more chairs, to fill the room shoulder to shoulder, wall to wall, and it still spilled out the back into the hallway.  I counted 83 people that came, including our mission president.  It was  great!  The Spirit was very strong.  When Beth got baptized, it felt like the Spirit burned the room (The Spirit of God like a Fire is burning!).  There were several people in tears when she came out of the water, a couple of which I don't think had ever met her before.  She was confirmed on Sunday in church by Elder Graham.  He did a great job and did the wording perfectly (few blessings have correct wording..)  I will try to send pictures to all y'all today but no promises.
Well I'm out of time!  I thought I'd have more, but that's all I get I guess.
We did pick up one new investigator yesterday, Eigi, and set up a dinner appointment with another new investigator on Thursday.  Ask Camille about Eigi, because I don't have enough time to talk about him.  Sorry!
We are having a movie night on Thurs at the church, showing the Testaments.  Similar to what we did in Vista.  Should be a lot of people there!
Elder La Follette

(From Jon's email to Camille)
"As for investigators, we picked up a guy yesterday (picked up is missionary lingo for started teaching) named Eigi (ay-jee) who is super smart.  He is hesitant to accept the idea of faith, but is willing to try church and see how he feels.  We promised he'd feel something good at our church that he didn't feel anywhere else.  He has read the Book of Mormon all the way through already, as well as the OT and NT 5x.  I hope he goes to church, and continues reading.  It's interesting how the things we ask people to do are no different than what we teach in the church: read, pray, go to church.  That's the triangle of testimony (I just made that up.  Cool huh!), just like we have the fire triangle (heat, oxygen, fuel).  It's still that simple."

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