Wednesday, January 25, 2012

24 January 2012

Hello family!
I hope you are all doing well.  It's been a great week this week!
On Wednesday we met a new kid, Jose, who is friends with Tony, an inactive kid we're teaching.  We went over to see Tony and his mom Yamilda, and Jose came down to join us.  He had a bunch of typical questions about our missions and what we do, etc.  We answered all of his questions and ended up teaching the first lesson.  The Spirit was so strong, especially when Elder Graham told the First Vision.  He butchered the words to it, but the Spirit was still really strong.  We introduced the Book of Mormon to him, and read the verses about praying to know it's true.  He said "but I felt it already.  I already know it's true!  I know whatever you say about it is true!"  He accepted to be baptized on Feb 25.  We left and came back about 10 min later to give him a DVD and they were still talking about the lesson.  He accepted the DVD and said he'd watch it the next day.  We asked for his address and we found out he lives in Fallbrook, a city about 10 miles north of Vista, in the next zone over.  A little deflated, we explained that other missionaries would come by and teach him everything else before his baptism.  He understood, and the next day we sent off a referral.  Someone just got a "golden referral!"  It was a great lesson either way.  But now Tony is opening up more.  Yesterday we went over in the morning and knocked on his door, half-expecting him to be gone because he always is.  But he opened the door and let us in for a lesson.  We were going to teach him about repentence and prayer, and were going to read in Enos and 2nd Nephi.  But after small talk, I felt very quietly to change the lesson.  We instead read 1 Ne 8, about the vision of the tree of life.  After reading it, he said it was pretty crazy that we decided to read that, and that he really enjoyed it.  We hadn't told him we had changed the lesson.  Later at night, we went by again to say hi and give him the Book of Mormon that we forgot to bring earlier.  He and his mom were in the living room reading her Book of Mormon (highly unusual!) and he was telling about the lesson we gave earlier.  To our surprise, he let us in for the 2nd time that day and we read in Moroni 10:1-5, about knowing the truth of the Book of Mormon.  At the end of that, he said "Can I ask a question?" "Sure!"  "I had a cool dream last night.  That lesson you gave this morning wasn't what you planned, was it?"  "Actually, no, it wasn't.  I felt to change it as we begun talking.  We were going to read something else."  "I had a dream last night that kinda had a tree in it.  It wasn't quite what we read today, but it totally made sense after we read that.  I felt the Spirit really strong.  It's time for me to go to church, I think."  He promised us he will come to church this week.  His mom is very happy we are making such big progress with him!
Again last night, we were driving around late, just before it was time to go in.  We had tried a few doors with nobody answering.  People usually don't like us coming after 8, so we were hesitant to try these ones.  It was 8:55, and we drove by one more house.  It was a long driveway and a really big dark house.  We were considering not going in because it was dark, but just like you hear in all the mission stories, we tried anyway.  He didn't come to the door right away, but about a minute later the door opened and we got in to teach Ivars [edit], an old man originally from Latvia who loves God very much.  It will probably take a few lessons to make progress with him, but he is a very kind man with lots of love.
Unfortunately that's all the time I have but we also had a stake conference broadcast this week from SLC, with Elder Perry speaking.
Out of time!
Love you all
Elder La FOllette

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