Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 January 2012

Hello family!
I hope you're all doing well.  Things have been good here.  We found another new investigator this week!  We were walking at night past a grocery store near our apartment to go to a BBQ, and a guy got out of his car behind us in the parking lot and called to us and wanted to talk about Mitt Romney.  He is and has been involved in Romney's campaigns and really admires him.  Of course, the conversation turned to the Church itself, and the Book of Mormon.  He thought he'd read the Book of Mormon before, but after we talked about what the Book says, he figured he hasn't read it before.  He had lots and lots of questions and is really curious.  He is going through a hard divorce right now and has two little boys.  He lives by himself in a rented vacation home by the beach.  After our conversation, he invited us to his house the following night to a BBQ he was having with some friends.  We went, and one of the friends answered the door.  She said "Oh.. we're having a party right now."  "Yeah, we know!  Bryan wanted us to come by!"  "Uh.. really?" "Yep!  We talked to him yesterday."  "Let me go get him.." Bryan came to the door and was excited to see us and waved us in.  The faces on some of the people in the house were priceless.  But within 30 seconds they were very friendly and treated us as Mormons would treat someone on their first day at church.  One by one throughout the next couple hours that we were there, almost everyone at the party had come sit by us and asked us about our missions and the church.  Later, we went to talk to another guy, who then pulled out his 12 string guitar and played some old rock songs for us.  We ended up becoming good friends with a lot of people in there.  It was a really neat experience!
As for our other investigators, Tatsiana is still not responding to us.  It's been about a month since we last talked to her.  Yamilda Evans in our ward said she is coming to the gym every day, so she is not out of town.  We're trying very hard to see what has happened.  Her friends in our ward have been trying to talk to her.  Nothing yet!
We taught Beth again on Sunday.  She went on our ward's youth trip up to Big Bear last week (a nearby mountain/ski resort, kind of like Sundance) and had a great time.  She got up in the testimony meeting they had and bore a great testimony!  We taught her Sunday at the Rosells, and finished up all the pre-baptism lessons.  She is very ready and very excited.  The baptism is still a month away because her grandparents from Long Beach can't make it until then.  I guess they're the busiest grandparents in the world!  But we will work with what we have!  While Beth was at Big Bear, we met her mom, Jacqueline, and her little brother Logan at the church and gave them a tour.  It was Sister Bloch's first time inside a church building in years, and Logan's first time in anything other than a Jewish synagogue.  Logan is excited to come to church.  He didn't come two days ago, but will come next week.  Brother Rosell realized a couple days ago that he used to home teach the Bloch family 14 years ago, before he was a bishop or stake president.  They never answered the door for him.  It's amazing the work God does!
I've had a cold for about a month now that just won't go away.  Brother Waddell gave me some Robatussin for it.  That stuff is awful!  But it's starting to work a little bit.  Hopefully it will go away soon.  We hope that I just have a cold, and not a fungus or something (not sure what the symptoms would be).  About the time I got sick, we discovered a bag of very old and very rotten potatoes in a cupboard in our kitchen, with about 150 maggots around and a horrific smell.  We're assuming some missionaries got those late last summer.  Hopefully I didn't get sick from dealing with that!
Also, I wanted to mention that California road construction is a lot more efficient than Utah road construction.  On Saturday they put out some signs on our street that said (handwritten) "no parking Monday-Friday 7am-5pm" and said we'll be towed if we park there.  Monday morning there was a full construction crew out working, and they were gone by 1pm.  They finished the job and didn't come back!  In Utah they probably would have taken 2 weeks for the same job!  We thought that was impressive and funny at the same time.
Well I hope you are all doing well.  Things are going well here.  Transfers are today, and I'm staying in Carlsbad with Elder Graham for another 6 weeks at least.  We get along well and he is learning a lot.  We work together really well, and fill in each other's weak points.  There are two elders from our district getting transferred out.
I hope you all have a great week.
Elder La Follette

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