Tuesday, December 27, 2011

27 December 2011

Hello family!  I hope you all had a great Christmas.  It was good to talk to you (the ones that I was able to)!!  Dad I just realized I might have been sending my emails to the wrong email address.  If so, I apologize!  I didn't mean to.
I had a good Christmas.  In the morning we opened the presents we had, a box of jelly beans and a couple envelopes.  We are still waiting on our packages, both of us!  We heard the USPS is really backed up and busy though, so maybe that's the reason.
After church (which was a really good music program--we got to sing in the choir too) we went to the Barnetts to skype, have dinner, and opened presents.  They even got some presents for us, so that was nice!  They had a lot of kids and grandkids over, so it was almost like being at home at Grandparents La Follette for Christmas Eve.  We each got a tie, some candy, a pocket knife, and some black socks.  We ended up getting most of the leftover dessert too, which could be a problem!  I'm going to let Elder Graham take most of that!
Yesterday we were extra concerned about not having new investigators, so we went through our area book and found all the non-members we could that we have any record for, and made a list.  Yesterday and for the next few days, we'll be seeing as many as we can.  Last night we tried about 10, and 3 have invited us back--one of them tonight.  Hopefully our drought of new investigators will end soon!
This morning we again played Settlers of Catan at the Jacksons and had a good breakfast.  I almost won Settlers (it was a really close game) and I won Ticket to Ride pretty soundly.
Other than that, there is not a lot new to report.  I'm doing well.  I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year!  I love you all lots.
Elder La Follette
PS-- GO UTES!!!!  Bowl game Saturday!

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