Tuesday, May 8, 2012

8 May 2012

Hello family!  I hope you're doing great!
First off, I will be Skyping on Sunday at 4:30PT.  I hope to talk at least a little bit with all of you!
We've had a good week here.  Lots of cancelled appointments, but that's normal in missionary work.  Probably the biggest highlight was our new investigator.  On Wednesday morning we went with the LDSSA (latter-day saint student association) to Saddleback College, set up a table like we do occasionally, and started talking with people about the Church for a couple hours as they walked by.  There were a few people that had fairly long conversation with the LDS kids and gave us their numbers.  One girl named Floree was especially interested, and even showed up at the Institute class at noon.  At this point we had gone to the institute to get some free food, and planned on staying for class until our lunch hour was over. President Cook wanted to talk to us about something, so he came to the Institute while we were there and the Institute director, Bro Greiner, snagged him and had him speak for most of the class time (which Pres Cook of course was happy to do).  One of the questions though, was what process he went through to be called as a mission president.  It was very interesting to listen to, but Floree was befuddled with words like "Elder Holland (probably thought it was a place), stake president, President Uchtdorf, mission president, YSA stake" etc.  But she introduced herself after and then set up a lesson with us for the next day.  We taught her the next day about the Restoration, answering her abundant questions along the way.  After she listened to the First Vision, we asked her how she felt.  "I feel happy.  Really, really happy.  I feel really warm inside.  I'm trying really hard not to cry.  Why do I feel like that?"  Needless to say, it was a really good lesson.  She agreed to come to church and meet again on Monday, but as is customary when you're a missionary, she didn't show up to either church or the lesson.  Hopefully we'll meet with her again tomorrow. 
Rewinding to Wednesday after Institute, President Cook had us give him a tour of the institute building (which isn't anything close to Orem or SLC institutes...a 1-hallway institute), and there was a line of people that wanted to meet him along the way.  It took a while to get him around, but eventually we made it outside again and on our way.  He asked jokingly if I was jamming out on the piano all the time.  I said I don't often at all, usually on PDay when no one is around and we're bored.  He stopped walking and proceeded to call me to repentance, saying, in effect, if I got on a piano as much as I could when people were around and showed my talents, it would break down member--missionary barriers and build lots of trust, and speed up the missionary work.  He told me to pick random hymns and "rock out just a little bit" when around people.  Also told Elder Rupp to make sure I did.  I played this week in a couple various places while waiting for dinners to finish cooking or before a church lesson, or last night at FHE in another room, and there already have been several people asking "you play piano??" "A little b--" "WHY didn't you tell us before that you played piano??" "Lots of people play piano!" "But you're really good!" and then proceed to tell everyone around them that I play piano.  I don't really play the piano well, but now it looks like I'll have to fake it pretty well....  Oh boy!
In other news, Noah didn't show up to church this week again.  We're getting close to dropping him because he's just too scared to come to church without his girlfriend.  He is both under an unrealistically intense microscope, as well as on a shorter leash than any dog.  Yesterday we had a lesson with him, and he asked if we could show him scriptures on why we need to come to church on Sunday, mostly for him, but partly for Marcy, his girlfriend.  Boy, are there!  We asked him if he was sure about his question.  He said yes, then pulled out a paper for notes.  We proceeded to "throw it down" and laid out scripture after scripture after scripture in every part of the standard works.  After a while he said "alright, I think this will do!"  Before he was under the impression that we "just should think about Christ and don't sin on Sunday".  We fixed that too.
We had another lesson with Alex and Angie.  This time we had the opposite of our usual problem with them.  They couldn't be quiet!  They were very rowdy but we had a great lesson on prayer, and we taught Angie how to pray for the first time in her life.  Alex was too scared and promised to do it next lesson.  It was a fun time and they like praying a lot more now, or at least particpating in prayers.  Tomorrow or Thursday we're going to make "prayer rocks" with them to help them remember to say their prayers at night and in the morning.
Things are going well.  We have transfer calls this Saturday night.  I likely will be staying, but Elder Rupp is on the chopping block.  I will let you know on Sunday if either of us are leaving Mission Viejo.  It's always a surprise.
I hope y'all have a great week!  Take care
Elder La Follette

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