Tuesday, July 19, 2011

19 July 2011

Hello Family!
It's been a really short week, without a lot of action. I was out Wednesday afternoon, then Thursday afternoon through Sunday night down with being sick. It was probably strep throat or tonsilitis. I had super super super sore throat the whole time (it's still quite sore) with a bunch of white dots in the back of my throat. I had waves of fevers, usually around 102, lots of dizziness, barfing, toileting, and headaching. Needless to say, it was a pretty dumb week. I got sick of laying down so we went out and working yesterday. It was tough, but a lot better than laying inside! Dinner appointments were embarrassing because I couldn't eat more than about half a fist-size amount of food, plus some water. Then I would proceed to cough the rest of the dinner hour. Those were the nights we didn't cancel dinner. Being sick as a missionary isn't as fun as being sick at home! Joe's probably making fun of me now because I'm sickly!
West and Ceyda did get back from their vacation finally! They were too late for church, but it was almost a good thing because the Gospel Essentials lesson was on exaltation, and there was deep doctrine mixed with false doctrine for an hour. If they'd heard it, they probably wouldn't have come back to church, so it was probably a good thing they missed! West told us they had missed church a lot and couldn't wait to come next week. I forgot how cool he is!
We had more talk with the Assistants this week and discovered that Fonzie is actually in the 10th ward (Which is the APs ward. We're in the 3rd ward). So we're going to have to pass him back to the 10th ward elders again. We did this once already, so Fonzie has had one lesson from them and has been to their ward once. We told Fonzie we'd have to do it again, and he told me he and Ruby really, really did not like that ward. He said if they had to go to that ward, they would just not go to church at all. He also told us he didn't like those missionaries either, and they were really pushy. This is going to be an interesting time telling the APs all of this!
That's really all for this week. I hope you are all doing well. Love you all
Elder Jon La Follette

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