Monday, April 25, 2011

19 April 2011

First off, Happy Birthday Mike on Sunday! 31?? Sheesh. Hope it was a good one!
It was a quick week, but a lot happened! I will have to shorten my stories considerably because it took a week for them to happen but I have about 15 minutes on here to tell you.
I'll go in chronological order except I'll start with the best news-- Jamie and Christine are officially baptized and confirmed members of the Church! Saturday was a great day! President Cook and his wife came to the baptism service. Bishop Marler baptized Jamie, perfectly on the first time. Elder Bailey took 3 tries to baptize Christine (rookies...). He did fine, but her hair and much of her knee came up the first time, and the second time her knee came up again. Before the 3rd time, President Cook suddenly appeared right next to me (not 10 seconds before he was standing in the back of the room with a giant crowd of people between us--I was a witness) and told Christine to sit down in the water. We had told her before but she had forgotten. He reminded me of the butler guy on Mr. Deeds--"I'm very sneaky sir." Later Pres and Sis Cook were talking to Billy outside in the parking lot. We were in our car watching them briefly. When they were done, Billy walked in between them and us, and when he passed them, they were gone! We looked around and they had vanished. We drove around and within about 7 seconds they had made it from the door of the church to their car halfway across the parking lot. They are QUICK!
My camera came in the mail that I ordered so I can start getting y'all more pictures now. Hopefully I can get some off this week in the mail.
Had a sore back for about 4 days this week. One morning was really really bad. Mom (and Camille I think) remember my sophomore year when I hurt my back really bad and I couldn't even walk the day of the parade? It hurt that bad on Thursday. Ouch. I took 5 ibuprofen and that did a good job. Still hurt but we could go out and work.
On Friday we had our monthly ward dinner in the gym at the church. This time the YMYW were doing a fundraiser where people brought in stuff from home to sell, and all the money would go to the YMYW. We decided to contribute too! We put in our Book of Mormon and a Finding Faith in Christ DVD. The silent auction happened throughout dinner. We watched the bidding for other items all around go up and up and up and not one person had bid on our stuff! People were buying cakes and thank you cards and stuff but no one wanted the word of God. We eventuall went to our book and took the starting bid price off and put "FREE" on it. Still no bids. When the auctioning was over, Chuck Borough went and bought our book for $4. He said "hey maybe I can read this again!" We all had a good laugh. No one bought the DVD though. For dinner, we sat down to eat with some of the young couples that we're buddies with. In a short time, about 6 people at the table were all ganging up on and giving Elder Bailey a hard time for being a Red Sox fan. It was really funny. When the dinner was over, 3 people handed us desserts that they bought but didn't want. So we went home with a cheesecake, a GIANT chocolate/cherry cake, and some weird oatmeal or something.
Saturday morning we went to help Brother Olsen in his yard. We helped him last week, and this week we helped him get rid of some brick walls he didn't want up anymore. I did most of the sledge hammering (my hands are still sore). It was so fun! Then he whipped out a jack hammer to use to finish the wall off. Those are so fun to use! Very heavy but really fun. We split the jack hammer time 50/50 because it was so tiring to use. Elder Bailey didn't want to try so he didn't get in on the fun.
Saturday night after the baptism we had dinner with the Velasquez family again. They are a young couple that we're buddies with. All of the last 3 times they've fed us it was after a baptism. Part of the conversation we talked about stake conference coming up. We asked if they knew a Brother Weddle in the Felicita Ward that they could point out for us. Apparently Eric Weddle and his wife are really good friends with the Velasquezs and they hang out a lot. Sis V texted him to come over, and we were really excited! But they were in Utah watching a movie. We'll have to try again in a week or so.
On Sunday after the confirmations for Christine and Jamie, they were getting the sacrament ready. It was going to be their first official sacrament, and they were really excited. Then Jamie's little baby Fiona starting screaming so Jamie had to take her out. When she was halfway down the aisle, Sister Fraedrich, the RSP, stopped her and took the baby so Jamie could go sit down, and Sis F took the baby outside. That was really, really neat to see that. Jamie and Christine had a really good experience with the sacrament.
The past two times we visited John, he was plastered drunk. He bought a car--I don't know what for, but what the heck. The first time we went over he brought us outside to show us his new car. He showed us our own car. He started rubbing it and said "look, it's even your color! Isn't it pretty?" Then he kept hugging us which was weird. Yesterday we went back and this time he showed us his real new car. Showed us 3 times. We also went with him to throw his vodka and cigarettes away in the dumpster. He's pretty remorseful when he's drunk. I wish he'd be that way when he was sober!
That's all I got for this week! I hope you all are well. Thanks for your love and prayers. Have a good week
Elder Jon La Follette

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