Tuesday, October 5, 2010

21 September 2010

(Received Saturday Sept 25 via snail mail)

Hello family,

I'd just like to finish the email.

Marvin [edit last name] will probably be married this week, and be baptized on the 9th with Charles.

So our investigators are as follows:
Charles [edit]- Oct 9
Marvin [edit]- prob. Oct. 9
Patrick [edit]- Oct 16 (probably will move up to 9) {new investigator in YSA branch. He is from Ogden and never went to church stuff. He is a Marine that works on planes.}
Carrie [edit]- Oct 23 (prob will move to 16)
Shakema [edit] (she reminds me a lot of Daniell)- postponed baptism
Zeny [edit]- a sweet old Phillipino lady who loves learning about Church.
Ben Whitby- sweet guy in late 30s, slow learner but is fun to teach. He will have to quit smoking and drinking coffee.
Ryan [edit]- late 20s, is reading and enjoying Book of Mormon
Caesar [edit] we've only met him once, but trying to get a hold of him.

On top of those are a couple dozen potential investigators and some less-actives. Needless to say, we are busy! We meet an average of about 50 people every day through street contacting, tracting, and referrals.

One day when we were tracting, E. Hinds found a quarter. He wondered what state it was from, so he brushed it off. He said "Wyoming... No wonder it's on the ground..." I laughed pretty hard for a bit. I thought you'd appreciate that.

The Utah marching Band (more specifically some of my friends who are in it) sent me a card the other day! That was really nice of them. Most that signed it aren't LDS. That made me happy!

Turns out one of the guys I know in the singles branch is the son of Bob Bedont, the guy that announces the marching band at all our games & shows. That was so neat! He likes Utah football a lot too.

It's still mid-September, but most people here have Halloween stuff up already. A surprisingly large amount of people have their Christmas stuff up all year. Californians are crazy! Some people CA "The Land of the fruits and the nuts."

I wish I had time to tell about all my experiences. The mission is awesome. I am learning so much about the Gospel as I learn to teach it. We truly have something precious that no one else has. I encourage everyone to talk about the Church this week that needs to know about it. Let me know how it goes!

I love you all very much. Have a great week!

-Elder LaFollette

PS- I got a Dunder Mifflin shirt today for free. I love Kohl's free coupons for $10 off!

Addendum- Thanks for the package!!!

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